Why GNMbrainmints®?

GNMbrainmints® is a lighthearted appellation by design – but don’t let the effervescent and whimsical name fool you.

Why so lighthearted an approach? Looking for health solutions so often occurs in a mindset of fear and resistance. We oft enter into a new healing protocol by pushing against the very disease we are trying to be released from. The more we fight and struggle, the more difficult it all becomes.

Abraham (Esther Hicks) often talks about releasing resistance – the thoughts that block movement. As we release resistance, we come into vibrational alignment with that which is in our vortex (our inner being) of vibrational wellness or escrow. GNMbrainmints® are a way to begin releasing resistance, through knowledge, through a fresh perspective.

So, as you are reading through this blogsite, you’ll notice a playful nature – don’t let that fool you. There’s a frequency to that whimsy and it’s by design.

Dr. Neal Robert Smookler resides in Hopkinton, Massachusetts, USA where he consults, in person and via phone both professional and lay persons nationally as well as internationally.

Dr. Smookler graduated from Boston College with a Bachelors of Science in Biology in June 1985 and received his Doctorate in Chiropractic from the Los Angeles College of Chiropractic in December 1988.

Neal’s approach to GNM might best be expressed in a Vitalitylink review by one member, Meredeth. Simply, to keep The New Medicine pure, principled and undiluted – focusing on Dr. Hamer’s original scientific findings and pushing all the frilly extras aside. Quite simple, really.


For the last quarter-century Dr. Smookler has maintained three full time family practices in Boston, Wellesley and now Hopkinton Massachusetts.