31 Flavors.

Banana Nut Fudge, Black Walnut, Burgundy Cherry, Butterscotch Ribbon, Cherry Macaroon, Chocolate, Chocolate Almond, Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Fudge, Chocolate Mint, Chocolate Ribbon, Coffee, Coffee Candy, Date Nut, Egg Nog, French Vanilla, Green Mint Stick, Lemon Crisp, Lemon Custard, Lemon Sherbet, Maple Nut, Orange Sherbet, Peach, Peppermint Fudge Ribbon, Peppermint Stick, Pineapple Sherbet, Raspberry Sherbet, Rocky Road , Strawberry, Vanilla, Vanilla Burnt Almond. Source: Baskin Robbins.®

Baskin Robbins® has always been know for their plethora of flavors. There are indeed 31 originals.

Yet, the question, the one for the ages … does original vanilla, french vanilla and vanilla burnt almond truly qualify as three flavors or are they simply subtle variations on a theme?

When I first began my German New Medicine travels, I assumed (like most) that conflicts were all original vanilla (yawn). Oh, how wrong I was. Uh, uh. No such luck. Continue reading “31 Flavors.”