Relapse Tracks.

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” – Carl Jung

The term “track” is one that comes up often in my GNM consultations. Tracks are subconscious reminders of the dhs (trauma) that will reopen the original biological program (disease.)

The challenge with any German New Medicine session is to properly address these reminders that can delay a complete clearing.

At the moment of the conflict-shock, the psyche is wide open and processing billions of bits of information. What we need to understand is that at the time a person may have experienced a shock the psyche will actually record whatever stimuli were in the environment at that moment in time. Continue reading “Relapse Tracks.”


Cold Sores and herpes, and hpv, oh my.

Warning: Mature Content and Sensitive Subject Matter.

I was recently in session with a client that wished to understand more about her recurrent cold sores and herpes blisters. This young lady was dealing with both HSV I or oral herpes as well as HSV II or genital herpes.

The accepted consensus is that both varieties are due to infection with the herpes virus. The irony is this young lady tested negative (four times) for any herpes related virus.

How can she then present with what two dermatologists and one ob-gyn agree is a classic case of herpes?

Herpes involves an “intimate touch” separation conflict. Continue reading “Cold Sores and herpes, and hpv, oh my.”


Vitiligo is a dramatic skin condition characterized by loss of skin pigmentation in the deeper epidermal layer.

There are a multitude of classifications – segmental vitiligo (SV), non-segmental vitiligo (NSV), vitiligo universalis, acrofacial vitilgo, mucosal vitiligo.

Independent of which classification, the biological conflict associated with vitiligo is the same … a deep and brutal separation, often characterized as dramatic, severe, nasty, ugly or intense. A separation always involves either wanting to separate oneself (repel, push away) from someone or something or not wanting to separate oneself (embrace, pull closer.)

When the individual is in conflict activity the outer skin or epidermis undergoes a de-pigmentation process. The biological meaning of the de-pigmentation or ulceration of the epidermis to assist the individual to better feel the touch of the loved one from whom the separation occurred. Continue reading “Vitiligo.”

Cellulite. Cellulitis. Cellularum.

For those that never suffered the four years of high school Latin (sorry, Mrs. Faherty) the above title will seem non-sensical. It references the declensions that we were forced to memorize and recite “ad nauseum” – hey, there’s some Latin right there!

Cellulite and cellulitis, although different in their presentation both reflect a healing phase of a light self devaluation conflict relative to adipose (fat) tissue.

Creative minds have come up with treatments ranging from the logical (exercise and skin fillers) to the clearly bizarre (caffeine tights and body vacuuming.) Continue reading “Cellulite. Cellulitis. Cellularum.”

Sleep Apnea. Insomnia.

Homer was a man from Apnea,
each night, a gasp for air of course.
It’s a hanging EC, as plain as could be,
his myocardium being the source.
Simpson ran at the track, in hopes of a cure,
only to find the track was the lure.

Okay, that’s my lame attempt at poetry. I’ll stop. :’)

Not sure what’s in the drinking water of late but I had two clients this month with sleep apnea so decided to blog about the condition.

If we are basing the apnea upon Dr. Hamer’s research, we need to look for a biological conflict relative to being over burdened, overwhelmed, not being able to take on or handle anything more.

Let’s look at heart muscle as sleep apnea is essentially a resolved myocardial conflict that keeps getting reactivated usually at night. Continue reading “Sleep Apnea. Insomnia.”

Liver Cancer. Bile Duct Cancer.

Starvation. It’s about what sustains us – nutritionally, financially, emotionally and spiritually.

An individual can experience a biological conflict of starvation in real time, in real terms. This is an “old brain” conflict about survival.

In the animal kingdom, a ‘morsel’ is literal. In our human realm, it is more often figurative – a situation, scenario, event, occurrence, relationship, person or job that is the morsel necessary for our sustenance.

A literal paucity of food.

In pre-formula (similac) days, a mother unable to breast feed her infant. Adherence to a specific diet with food restrictions and limitations. Dietary restrictions implemented because of the belief that sugar fuels cancer. Religious dietary restrictions where one’s cravings are not met. Even being lost in the woods with limited foodstuffs. Starving oneself due to a distorted body image. Starving oneself to lose weight. Continue reading “Liver Cancer. Bile Duct Cancer.”

Hypothyroidism or Hashimoto’s Disease.

This is the post excerpt.

Dr. Hakaru Hashimoto’s surname, for whom the above condition is credited ironically translates into “the base or origin of the bridge.” I say ironic, as you will see in a moment, Hashimoto’s disease concerns itself with “the base or origin of the bridge” from the thyroid gland into the bloodstream … in other words, the ducts!

The standard take … Hashimoto‘s thyroiditis or chronic lymphocytic thyroiditis is an autoimmune disease in which the thyroid gland is attacked by a variety of cell- and antibody-mediated immune processes, causing primary hypothyroidism. It was the first disease to be recognized as an autoimmune disease. It was first described by the Japanese specialist Hakaru Hashimoto in a paper published in Germany in 1912. (Wikipedia)

I’ve read much online relative to hypothyroidism and wished to clarify things a bit. I have read misinformation stating that chronic relapse, relative to the thyroid gland (not the thyroid ducts) is responsible for hypothyroidism.

Dr. Hamer’s explanation of an underactive (hypo) thyroid is not autoimmune related! In fact, it is not related to the thyroid gland at all, but rather to the thyroid ducts.

Two different biological conflicts. Two different brain relays. When searching for the biological conflict with a client – we don’t wish to be barking up the wrong tree!

By the time Hashimoto’s Disease has been diagnosed the conflict has relapsed many times over. Hashimoto’s is an inflammation of the thyroid ducts. In essence a ‘hanging healing’ (PCL-A) where the healing phase has got ‘hung up’ due to ongoing conflict relapse.

The hypothyroidism occurs when the efferent or outgoing thyroid ducts (“the base or origin of  the bridge” from the thyroid gland into the bloodstream) swell and occlude, thereby blocking thyroxin from entering into the bloodstream. If we can assist in a completion of the healing phase – thyroxin levels will return to normal. Otherwise, supplementation may be needed to avoid a condition known as myxedema, which involves a swelling of the skin and tissues.

Relative to the thyroid ducts, the biological conflict is about powerlessness, helplessness (I have no control) – if one’s is laterality is right. There may be an element of danger as well. If one’s laterality is left, the biological conflict is about heading into danger or a perceived dangerous situation.

During conflict activity, the ducts will ulcerate (cell loss, cell negative) along with an elevation of “fight-or-flight” hormones. Only a slight tightness or pulling may be noticeable at this juncture.

The intelligent purpose behind this widening of the duct is to allow for greater secretion of thyroid hormone into the blood stream in order to assist the individual to gain control of the conflict.

Once the individual has come to terms with the conflict, the swelling or edema (healing always occurs in a fluid environment) will occlude the duct preventing the expression of thyroxin into the body. It is believed that the thyroid gland has become hypoactive or even non-functional – this is a misinterpretation. It is the swollen ducts that are lowering the thyroid hormone bio-availability.

If the conflict of powerlessness or danger is identified and resolved early on in the process, the outcome is quite optimistic. Sadly, without a knowledge of GNM – the majority of individuals will experience decades of relapse into conflict activity.

At the very end of the healing phase a papillary thyroid carcinoma may be diagnosed. These are also known as cold or benign nodules. Ironically, if a biopsy is performed prior to a very specific point in the healing phase (known as the epileptoid crisis) the nodules with be said to be malignant. It’s really just a timing issue.

The grading of the cancers “aggressiveness” would be dependent upon the timing of the biopsy. If the biopsy was performed early on in the resolution phase when the cells were rapidly mitosing (dividing) they would appear poorly differentiated and a grim prognosis would result. If the biopsy was done a bit later as the cellular replenishment slowed down a bit, the diagnosis would be the same – albeit a less aggressive form. Remember the ducts will ulcerate (cell loss, cell negative) during the conflict active phase and fill in or replenish with new rapidly mitosing cells upon conflict resolution. If the biopsy was performed after all cell division was complete, a benign cyst as noted above would be now diagnosed!

Migraines, btw involve conflict expressing through the thyroid duct relay and or the branchial arch relay in the frontal area of the brain. Chronic migraines are the result of a constant reactivation of these relays through what are called “tracks”.

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