Bedwetter’s Anonymous.

Soggy sheets. Soiled pajamas. Sorry faces.

Megan Cartwright, in her July 2015 expose, Bedwetting is not a moral failing, points out some of “the bizarre, desperate and occasionally cruel medical treatments for a common complaint.”

Bedwetting, known as nocturnal enuresis may be your child developing night time bladder control. Dr. Hamer shows us it is more often reflective of a unique biological conflict of demarcation.

In children, it often relates to being bullied at school or social events. Bullying can take the form of physical bullying, verbal bullying, social bullying, cyber bullying and gender bullying. Bullying can be very subtle.

It might be an older sibling that doesn’t respect the younger one’s property or privacy – constantly entering their room and taking their toys or having to now share a room with a new sibling. A friend who “crosses the line.” An unwanted and inappropriate touching can be perceived as violation of the child’s personal space. The possibilities are endless, but the essence is about boundaries. Continue reading “Bedwetter’s Anonymous.”